Murphy’s Law of Kolsch

Brew Method: All Grain

Style Name: Kölsch

Boil Time: 60 min

Batch Size: 5.5 gallons (fermentor volume)

Boil Size: 6.2 gallons

Boil Gravity: 1.043

Efficiency: 78% (brew house)


Original Gravity: 1.048

Final Gravity: 1.011

ABV : 4.9%

IBU: 25.7


8 lb - GERMAN - Pilsner (2 Row) Ger (84.2%)

1 lb - GERMAN - Vienna Malt (10.5%)

8 oz - AMERICAN-White Wheat Malt (5.3%)


1 oz - Spalter, Type: Pellet, AA: 4.5 for 60 min

0.5 oz - Spalter, Type: Pellet, AA: 4.5, for 30 min

0.5 oz - Spalter, Type: Pellet, AA: 4.5 for 10 min


Infusion, Temp: 148 F, Time: 75 min, Amount: 11.9 qt, Mash In


Wyeast - Kölsch 2565

Starter: No

Form: Liquid

Fermentation Temp: 60 F


Amount: Keg with 12.5 PSI

CO2 Level: 2.3 Volumes


This beer was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, we had a small incident where I changed the keg lines out prior to kegging and I didn't put the picnic tap on tight enough and sure enough I lost 3.5 gallons of this beer. It was an extremely sad day but with the 1.5 gallons I had left it was delicious!

Appearance: Golden, straw, slight yellow.

Aroma: Floral and spicy hop notes.

Flavor: Clean, crisp, low spicy hop flavor.

Mouthfeel: Light body, excellent carbonation.